Why Choose Us

Scott D. Phillips is more than a Financial Advisor.

Please see the attached brochure to see a more detailed biography on Scott D. Phillips, CFP®

Scott and his consulting team will help you make smart choices about your money so you can actively pursue your goals and fulfill your values for the reasons that are important to you. Scott will be your Trusted Advisor that will help you plan for today and the future by helping you clarify and vividly define your goals with specific target dates.  Freedom comes when you recognize the relationship between your values, goals and financial choices that you make today. He can help inspire you to do the needed work to pursue your goals and actualize what truly is important to



Our Goal

Determine where are you headed

Our goal is to create a FINANCIAL ROADMAP for you. Please review the brochure and the CONFIDENTIAL FINANCIAL CHECK-UP, and complete the15 minute CONFIDENTIAL FINANCIAL CHECK-UP questionnaire. Please complete either or both the BUSINESS FINANCIAL CHECK-UP and PERSONAL FINANCIAL CHECK-UP whichever applies to you and fax the completed form to my office @ 801.363.8806. By faxing this completed form to my office we can see if it might make sense to work together.  From there, we will schedule a no obligation one-on-one free consultation to complete your FINANCIAL ROADMAP.

Acheiving financial well being is no easy task.  It includes not only being free from financial worry but also having a life that excites you and nurtures those you love and fulfills your highest aspirations.

By completing this form we will contact you to schedule a no-obligation one-on-one free consultation to complete your FINANCIAL ROADMAP. Click Here